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Current Projects:

and the 
Flying Machine

The Leonardo project as it has been called- is the making of a hybrid theatre piece called Leonardo and the Flying Machine, conceived and written by Michael Sullivan and staged by Jerry MacLauchlin. This is an original puppet and actor driven-work made possible by a grant from the Rea Charitable Trust. This fully-realized production had been previously workshopped twice onstage the decade of its development. In collaboration with Baylor Theatre, we offered a professional theatre experience to young audiences in Central Texas in May of 2022. All of the performers, puppeteers and technical staff were paid company members of this new self-sustaining program: The Young Festival Stage. Stay tuned for more to come!!

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Birdie with Baldo and Lapo
Michelangelo and Leonardo
The Breakout..
Michelangelo and Baldo
Duke's Ball
Mona Lisa
Birdie and Michelangelo
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